Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just so you know I'm still here...

I just wanted to say, now that the semester is over, how wonderful it was to get all the feedback I did from all of you. I will try to continue to write here to keep up the skills we learned in the class and also for everyone's personal enjoyment. Please feel free to continue to reply to my posts, I'd love to hear from you!

Hope you all have a good summer and take care of yourselves!


  1. Erica is going to try to keep up her blogs as well! I'm glad that you're still going to. I myself am also keeping up my blog as well, it's become a habitutal routine every Wednesday and I've actually grown to look forward to it as a way to say something big, small or whatever!
    As for the summer, if it ever warms up I might actually believe it's coming. I am dying to go outside and read or ride my bike.
    I truly enjoyed my English class and will miss the conversations and laughs every Tuesday and Thursday. It's been one of my favorite classes so far. I'll be returning for the fall to take an Art and Creative Writing class. Should be interesting!
    Look forward to your blogs in the future! Have a great summer...and I hope you find some warmth. I sure haven't. :)

  2. I'm gonna try to keep mine up too! I know I haven't so far but... hey, I've been busy! And I start summer classes on Monday so maybe that'll put me in the writing mood... I look forward to hearing from you guys! I'll miss our awesome English class!

  3. Hey Eileen, just to let you know. I changed the name of my blog from 'Bookworm' to 'Writing Wednesdays'. I figured since I post a new blog every Wednesday I might as well incorporate that into my blog name. :).
    Hope you're enjoying your summer so far!