Friday, July 15, 2011

A New Beginning...

So yesterday felt like a turning point, and not for any particular reason except for an urge... I wanted to write.

It's obviously been a while, and a lot has happened since my last half-assed attempt to connect with people via the internet on this site, but I've been reading a lot lately both for leisure and for classes, and it got me thinking....

People ask what your dream job would be. I'm working to pursue my degree for Elementary Education, and that's certainly something that I'm excited about. My current dream job: read whatever I want instead of what I have to, and get paid to write about it. I'd love to be a writer and a critic, even though I don't recall this urge being present ever before. I think I know who to blame, though....

I was reading the books of a writer who is not yet a favorite, but definitely a writer "love interest;" Cassandra Clare, who wrote the Mortal Instruments series that I've been just a little obsessed over since I discovered it only a few weeks ago. I've devoured the first three books, ordered the fourth, and just saw on the website that there are TWO MORE FREAKING BOOKS in the series coming... I seriously can't wait...

Oh, and there's a whole other series of prequel books that she's already started... honestly, woman, you're insane... and becoming a fast favorite...

Anyways, I've been reading another blog written by a short-story writer named Cassandra Clarke (who I mistook for Cassandra Clare, sorry about that!)

*SIDENOTE* There's only a 1-letter difference in their names, I think my mistake can be forgiven... maybe?

But I got inspired to begin writing again. This doesn't mean that I'm going to quit my college major and start all over again, because I'm pretty convinced my husband would kill me if I did that and I don't want to be in school ANOTHER 4+ years for a career that's even more difficult to get into than teaching. I would integrate writing into my classes with students to get them thinking critically about the world around them and why they think the way they do (how teacher-y does THAT sound). I've always benefited from doing just that for other classes, however begrudged I was to perform the task, but immensely enjoyed myself during the process. Simply put: I'd like to pass that on...

Someone once described my writing as "prophetic," which both shocked and amused me since I never really thought about it that way. I suppose as long as there's some thought provocation in my audience that resulted from what I write, it was the best possible outcome I could've asked for. If someone even enjoyed what I wrote the way I enjoy reading other people's works, that would be the greatest thing on the planet... next to ice cream. And snuggles.

So I've decided to try this writing thing again. Not for a class assignment, not for pushing any kind of agenda but simply for the pleasure of writing. Does this mean I'm going to read books and critique them on here? I'm not sure yet, we'll see where this leads me. I'm not sure anyone reads this anymore, so regardless of who finds these words, I'll keep writing them for my own personal satisfaction.

Plus it's easier than a paper journal, which I started one like 4 years ago and still haven't finished.... another work in progress *sigh*

And if this leads me to start attempting at writing short stories, I apologize ahead of time. I was never very talented at writing dialogue and hated the tediousness of it all. I might try poetry again, but usually to write poetry you have to be in a tumultuous relationship or just a tormented part of your life. I'm very happy with where I am in my life right now and haven't written poetry for years, so maybe even just putting happy little snippets of old work would be an option.

So here goes nothing... or my reputation, whatever that's worth. I'm excited to try this out again, and hopefully it's something I continue with for a while, because it could get very interesting...


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog post, although I feel obligated to let you know that I didn't write the Mortal Instruments books -- that's Cassandra Clare (no "k"). I"m just a lowly short story writer!

    I do think Cassandra Clare as a Livejournal though.

    And good luck with your own writing!

  2. wow, I feel pretty stupid... regardless, I've been inspired by your blog, so I'll change that information now... and thank you for the well wishes!

  3. There, the appropriate credit is given where it's due... so you can take the credit for my newfound inspiration Cassie, not Ms. Clare.... at least for the most part...

  4. Hey, no worries! I wasn't worried about credit really; I just didn't want to be mistaken for a Cassandra Clare interloper!

  5. Hi Eileen! Glad to see you're writing again in your blog! I love your "voice" in your blogs, I find it very amiable and accessible. :D Blogging is so much fun! I'll have to remember to check yours now and then. :) And I agree with what you said about poetry. Usually all of the poetry I write is on the melancholy side, lol. I can never seem to write a "happy poem". And I've found my niche is writing novellas, which is a story inbetween a short story and a novel, lol. I tend to ramble in my own posts, so I hope I'm not rambling here. I'm glad to hear you would like to get into writing! Sometimes I think I'm crazy for taking it as a major and I forsee a lot of "penny-stretching" in my future but I know it's what I want to do and am willing to make the sacrifice. Look forward to more of your posts! ~Corrie~