Monday, February 2, 2009

in the beginning...

I named this blog the corner chair seat because that's where I prefer to sit when choosing a place to be in a restaurant or crowded area. This presents the best situation for observing other people that come and go, and also prevents waiters from hitting my back with a tray full of drinks. Just blending in with the wallpaper like a painting on the wall you may notice, admire for a moment, then continue with whatever you were doing. I am that painting... you may notice me, but only for a moment and only when I want to be noticed.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy attention when the timing is appropriate. On the stage, for example, is a wonderful spotlight to have. There was one show that fulfilled a dream that many people have, where I was acting as a jazz singer. I felt like Ella Fitzgerald and every other no-name singer who's ever sang in a smoky bar with the spotlight so bright you can't see anything but the microphone and the melody ringing in your ears. It was a beautiful feeling, but only temporary and for a select few... even actors have their day someday...

There's also an connotation associated with a corner chair as well... the naughty place to be sent for punishment; facing the wall in contrition until you're ready to be redeemed. Also being "shoved in a corner" insinuating being put there against your will... but what about being sent there by your own devise? It's a great vantage point to observe humanity in all its splendor and queerness.

This is where I sit to judge and be judged. We all judge people, whether we're conscious of it or not. We see a homeless man sitting on the street and immediately make assumptions about his life and who he is. We see a priest and make assumptions about either him being holy and contrite or perverse. Women are especially guilty of this; scrutinizing one another ruthlessly to try to make ourselves feel better (or worse) for our own enjoyment and torture. I'm just more open and have accepted this niche I have in my own world.

I like imagining what other people are thinking about while sitting and watching them go about their lives... What is that man researching on his laptop so intently? What conversation in whispers is going on between two friends sitting close as conspirators? What newspaper articles catch the attention of the elderly man, dressed so keenly in his 3-piece suit? I like filling in the blanks with my own imagination and being happily surprised at the truth (the few times I do discover it for myself).

Sometimes what I witness is comical... sometimes it's heartbreaking... such is life as we know it. If you dare, come and join me in a conversation... or just a game of scrabble.

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  1. Your blogs are very intriguing. Scrabble happens to be my favorite game! I love words. I am always looking up new ones and such. I was surprised that you followed my blog, I hope I can write interesting stuff! I blogged for Azor's class before in ENG 101. I've really grown to love it.