Monday, February 9, 2009


In retrospect I decided to introduce myself by proclaiming 15 different things about myself. this is by no means a personal confession or dirty secrets nor a list of things like a diary, just everyday quirkiness that we all posses to a certain degree. these happen to make up the manifesto that is myself:

1. I'm a paradox: i like coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon, but would drink coffee all day if i could

2. even tho i quit smoking over a year ago, i still have cravings. then i pass people walking by that smell like stale, cheap cigarettes and b.o. and remember why i quit.

3. speaking of smells, I have to smell "good" at all times. i'm always conscious of how i smell.

4. punctuation in assignments and letters are imperative to everything that makes us human and civilized, but in blogs and online conversations it's not necessary at all.

5. i love to read for leisure but never find enough time to do so. my favourite author is Wilbur Smith and he engulfs my world with his works.

6. I'm a daddy's girl and suck up to my mother all the time. I love making my parents happy still and can remember (almost) every separate time they've told me they're genuinely proud of me.

7. i'm the youngest of 4 children, all my elder siblings are brothers. apparently this makes me spoiled, but i tend to disagree.

8. educating yourself and expanding your knowledge base makes you a more interesting person. i can't stand people who are proud of the fact that the last book they read was in high school because "I had to for a class".

9. i can get a slight sunburn in 5 minutes standing outside, especially in the summer at noontime. damn this cancer-free paleness.

10. i've always wanted to be a ballerina and when i was a kid i took dance classes for 14 years and achieved that dream, then i just quit. i've always wanted to go back and continue classes but can't find the time/money.

11. i hate it when taller people come up to me and place their arm on top of my head and lean on me. it's one thing that really irritates me.

12. i have a temper but only a handful (literally) of people have ever seen it rear it's ugly head. i tend to be more moderate in my moods than most theatre and sensitive people i know.

13. i have forward emails and surveys, altho this sure seems like one....

14. i have a secret love for justin timberlake's music. it's addicting and my closet fetish.

15. if there was one thing i could drink the rest of my life it would be V8 fusion pomegranate blueberry juice. it tastes wonderful and it's good for you... how can you go wrong?!

any questions, feel free to ask or contribute your own divulgences.

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